This is a K67 attempted copy. It doesn't sound quite right. This capsule is more critical to get right. Even the diaphragm tensioning is pretty critical to get right, where on most of the under-damped capsules (the M7, Sony C37, Debenham) the diaphragm tension is not so critical.

This is an easy to DIY mic capsule holder. It's made of 3/16" brass strip, cut, shaped, and soldered at one joint at the bottom. You need three holes drilled, but it's easy to mount and does not require strange machining on the capsule to mount it.

This is the same capsule holder with the capsule taken out. This capsule is roughly based on the Sony C37 capsule, except that the diaphragm is centre-terminated (in the Sony, it's centre-supported but no centre-terminated). It still needs some tweaking to sound nice, but it's not so bad as-is.

I couldn't resist making a small diaphragm condensor. This is an omni, meant to connect to the C460/C480 AKG amplifier bodies. There's a bit more work needed here if I want to make more of these types of capsules. For one, I need to add a protection grid of some kind because a diaphragm sitting out in the open like this is an accident waiting to happen.


And this is a simple single-diaphragm capsule that sounds pretty good. A bit 'scooped' - a fair bit of high end, a fair bit of lows, but a bit of a scoop in the midrange area. I need to note these down so during a session I can check the sound of each mic to match with the sound I want.

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