Nothin’ But Trouble




Stomp Your Feet and YeeHaw Songs

“Three girls from the city singin’ some ditties as we gazed at the Northern Lights; On a roof so high, perched up in the sky on a cool Saskatchewan night…”-Howl At The Moon

“Second wind, it came upon me at the speed of light. Second wind, gave a kick start to my night. Second wind, how it hit me, I don’t know. I was fadin’ fast just a minute ago, and now I’m ready to roll.”-Second Wind

“A woman on the tractor? I think I’ve seen it all.”-Woman On The Tractor

Poke Some Fun and Laugh Songs

“I’m gonna trade in my fella and buy me a pick up truck. I tried so hard with my fella, but I just had me no luck.”-Pick Up Truck

“Don’t call me Baby. Don’t call me Sweetie, ‘cuz you can’t remember my name. I’ve heard those lines a million times, and I ain’t playin’ your game…Are your feet tired? You’ve been runnin’ through my head all day.”-Pick Up Lines

I know that size doesn’t matter, ‘cuz Eddie had really big feet. It’s all in the rhythm and motion, and Eddie couldn’t keep a beat. So… I faked it.”-I Faked It

“There are pretty girls like candy to the eyes. There are pretty girls who never sweat but have firm thighs.”-Pretty Girls

Grab Your Sweetie and Smooch Songs

“I’ve got a loveseat for two, but I am only one. Now Baby, all I need is you.”-All I Need Is You

“Baby, it’s late, and I’m going home. I can hardly wait to get you alone.”-Baby, It’s Late

Close Your Eyes and Listen Songs

“The day they took out tracks sealed the fate of this small town.-The Day They Took Out The Tracks

“A storm is brewing. It’s moving in from the west horizon. A storm is brewing. Her thunderheads are rising.”-Storm

“My leaves may change colour and my leaves may fall. But my roots keep me balanced, and standing tall.”-Roots