About Us

Inspired by a prairie road trip, this new band was formed in May of 2002. Three music therapists and an engineer combine their diverse backgrounds and musical influences to produce the unique folk fusion sound of Nothin' But Trouble.

Originally from four different Canadian provinces, the four Calgary based band members combined musical influences and experience span from bluegrass to jazz to rock to folk.

Kristen McIvor, Trina Nestibo and Corry Schmelter share the vocals, and accompany their three-part harmonies with any combination of acoustic guitar, banjo, saxophone, flute, accordion and percussion. Dale Ulan provides a solid foundation for the group with a variety of styles on his upright bass, playing everything from dog-house slap to spine-tingling arco.

"Tell it like it is" originals combined with eclectic cover tunes are showcased with a sense of humour, soulful expression and a fresh attitude. Although Nothin' But Trouble is a relatively new band, they can be found performing everywhere in and around Calgary, including backyards, house concerts, breakfast television, coffee shops and pubs.

The band wrapped up after opening for the 'Wailin' Jennys' in October, 2003. Trina Nestibo is currently playing around town with several other players, two of the other members of Nothin' but Trouble are playing in a new group 'Ink'. Dale, the bass player, is playing in 'Widowmaker', probably the best bluegrass band in Alberta. Corry teaches piano, and just put out an independent CD. Kristen is teaching in school now. All of the members except Trina are now married.

'Trouble' did one reunion show at Mikey's Juke Joint earlier this year. A fun show, and we're back doing what we are doing.