Recordings and Instruments

This page is for those of us always interested in the instruments and recordings.

Kristen plays a Selmer Mark 6 sax and a Yamaha flute. Corry plays a Sigma acoustic guitar with a Dean Markley pickup and a Gold Tone CC100-R five-string banjo with an AKG C411 pickup. Trina plays a Washburn acoustic guitar with a built-in pickup. Dale plays a full-size Czech bass and a Modulus Basstar fretless electric. For recording, we sometimes use a L'arivee D09.

Our recordings have been done with a Tascam DM-24 board, Alesis HD-24 hard drive 24-track recorder at 48 kHz. Mic preamps include the DM-24 internal preamps and a Summit mic pre. Reverb comes from the DM-24's internal TC reverb and a Lexicon PCM-91. Mics include a homemade AKG C12 clone, Neumann TLM-103, and AT4050 for vocals. Instrument mics are new AKG C451B's and a pair of AT4033's.

All guitars, banjo, and upright bass are recorded with a C451B, sax with the C12 clone, flute with a TLM103, and snare drum with a C451B. Electric bass is taken direct. Kristen's vocals use the AT4050, Trina uses the TLM103, and Corry uses the C12 clone. The drum kit (on Pickup Truck - a yet unreleased song) used AT4033's as overheads, C451B for snare and hat, SM57's and 58's for toms, and D112 for kick.

More of Dale's stuff can be found here.


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